Benny’s Basics: Some Quick Pros and Cons of Freelancing

For a longer read on these, check this out.

There are a lot of pros and cons to freelancing; here are a few quick ones:

Con: Freelancing is extremely expensive. Paying quarterly taxes, getting your own insurance, buying your own supplies…it adds up.

Pro: You don’t have a boss — mostly. You’re in charge of your schedule, which clients you take on and how you set up your agreements with them. So you’re the boss of you, as much as you can be while still needing to be paid by clients.

Con: You’re responsible for motivating yourself. No boss to make sure you’ve done things; just a client expecting a finished product on time.

Pro: The amount of money you make is contingent on how much work you do. The limit to your income is all based on you – how many clients you can take on, how quickly you can work…how much you’re charging. Done right, it’s a truly satisfying exchange of your product for money. Sweet, sweet money.

Con: Financial uncertainty and the crippling anxiety that comes with it. Nothing is guaranteed and it’s all up to you. Didn’t finish anything this month? No money. And yet, the rent is still due…

Pro: That freelance lifestyle! Hate working Tuesdays? Structure your workload so you don’t have to. Go for a run in the middle of the day or take a break and watch a movie. No 9-5 constraints for you!

Con: Freelancing is lonely. Working at home means unless you have a pet, you’re usually on your own. You’d think the lack of annoying coworkers would be awesome (and it can be) but not having other people can be more lonely than you might expect.

*Written by Aaron Taube on behalf of Benny*

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